The Public Utilities Board has approved the following water and wastewater rates:
             Current Rate

Water per 1,000 gallons

                $  9.40

Wastewater per 1,000 gallons

                $  2.85

Quarterly Service Charge

                $ 35.50

Minimum Quarterly Bill (3,000 gal)

                $ 72.25

Flat Rate - Wastewater only

                $ 71.15
The Town of Arborg has installed RMRS Meters to all businesses, institutions and households in the Town. The Meters are automated and are read monthly but billed quarterly. By reading the Meters monthly we are able to detect possible leaks. If a leak is detected you will receive a notice in the mail, or with your Water and Sewer Utility Bill. 
If you have questions regarding your bill, or wish to make arrangements for a Final Meter Reading prior to moving, please call 204-376-2647. Messages can be left after hours.
Suspect you have a leak in your home/building? We recommend checking all taps, and toilets located in the house/building. Here's a quick way to ensure your toilet is not leaking: put a few drops of food coloring in your tank, if the color appears in the bowl WITHOUT FLUSHING, your toilet is leaking.
Other water usage information
  • A standard shower head uses 18 - 27 Litres (4 - 6 gallons) per minute; a low flow shower head uses only 9 - 11 Litres (2 - 2.4 gallons).
  • Fully load your dishwasher and washing machine before running.
  • Left over dish water makes a great bug spray for aphids, white flies & spider mites (just remember to strain out any food bits before filling your spray container).
  • Standard faucet aerators can use up to 16 Litres (3.5 gallons) of water per minute. Low-flow aerators can reduce this by half.  
  • Consider composting your vegetable matter instead of using the sink garbage disposal system.
  • Instead of running the water to rinse produce, fill the sink and wash them.
 In accordance with the Town's Operating License for a Public Water System, the following information is available to the public
for inspection during regular office hours at the Municipal office:
- All water quality analysis result required to be performed over the past 24 months;
- Every permit, order, advisory and license in effect
 A copy of the Annual Report required in relation to the water system is available for review here.