Under the Town of Arborg's Unsightly By-law No. 3-2001, Section 3 stipulates "no owner of occupier of property shall permit on such property, and each owner and occupier of property shall keep such property free and clear of:

(h)  the growth of weeds as defined in The Noxious Weed Act so that the same become a nuisance to adjoining properties; and

(i)   the growth of grass to a length which in the opinion of the designated officer is unsightly."

Complaints & Inspections

A written complain must be filed with the designation officer. Upon receipt of a written complaint, the designated officer will inspect the property alleged to be in violation.

Warnings & Orders

If, in the opinion of the designated officer, a property is determined to be in violation of By-law No. 3-2001, a written notice of the violation may be sent to the owner and occupier of the property by regular mail. If the violation continues following a warning notice, the designated officer shall issue a written order. The designated officer may, at their discretion, not provide a warning notice and instead provide a written order.


Any person wishing to appeal an order made by the designated officer, may do so by filing with the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of the Town of Arborg at any time before the time for compliance. Appeals must be made substantially in the form as per Schedule C of By-law No. 3-2001


The costs of actions or measures taken by the Municipality to carry of the terms of an order issued by the designated officer are an amount owing to the Town of Arborg by the owner of the property. In addition to all other rights of collection which the Town may have at law, such amounts may be collected by the Town in the same manner as a tax may be collected or enforced under The Municipal Act.