Please ensure your pets are licensed each and every January 1st. Licensing your pets assists with the safe and prompt return in event of impoundment.

Licenses are available at the Town office during regular business hours. 

The Animal Council By-law 9-2023 was recently updated. The by-law can be downloaded by clicking HERE

Promoting responsible pet ownership is a key component to the changes. Licensing is NOW Required for ALL CATS and DOGS residing within the Town of Arborg. This includes implementing an application process for person(s) wanting more than 2 cats and 2 dogs per property. Pet owners of Intact Animals must complete an application form and apply for a pet license. 

Other documentation needed may include rabies vaccination information, veterinary care and Property Owner permission. 

Please take the time to read PART 4: Dogs, Cats and Other Domestic Pets for full details on: (pgs 7-11)

  • Responsibility of Owners
  • Intact Dogs and Cats
  • Restrictions
  • Licensing of Dogs, Cats and Other Domestic Animals
  • Maximum Numbers of Dogs or Cats
  • Excess Animal Permit
  • Population Control
LICENSE FEES (Annual - Jan 1st to Dec 31st)  
Sterilized Dog or Cat License $10.00 each
Intact Dog or Cat Permit $100.00 each
Declared Dangerous Animal Permit $200.00
Excess Animal Permit $100.00
Restricted Animal Permit $100.00
Replacement Animal Tag (as needed) $5.00
Excess Animal Permit Application $40.00
Restricted Animal Permit Application $40.00
Intact Animal Permit Application $40.00


The Complete Animal Control By-law 9-2023 along with all the schedules and application forms can be found on the Government Page in the By-laws and Policies section.  For your convenience the most common Schedules are below.